Cake Makka flex

SEK 38,000.00 inkl. moms*

Makka flex

från: 38 000 SEK

delivery time: beginning 2022

the ultimate convenience machine

The third platform from CAKE is a lightweight yet robust electric moped, designed to hit both city streets and outback adventures in the most quiet and efficient way, while doubling as a smart configuration platform for your everyday mobile needs.

The Makka flex is the powerful version, with top speeds reaching 45 km/h and a strong battery - a machine built to last

top speed: +45 km/hdrivers license: AM or B (EU) weight: 55 kg + 11 kg batterypower: 3.6 KW (4,8 hp)
range: 50 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)*street legal: Yes


Kategori Cake MC/moppe

* Baserat på hemvist i Sweden. Moms för andra länder beräknas i kassan. Pris exklusive moms: SEK 30,400.00.