BB Speaker

SEK 3,795.00 inkl. moms*

BB Talkin Speaker is a completely different system than the normal radio systems. You won’t have to press any buttons to talk to your friends or students.
The BB Speaker is designed as an all in one device.  Your Advance intercoms are paired just as with 2 way communication.  One of the Advance units is with the athlete or coach doing the demonstration.  The other unit is the BbSpeaker and projecting the voice of the other unit.  When talking into the BB Speaker, the individual’s voice is relayed to the other main unit it is paired with in real time.
BbSpeaker is compatible with all current and new products by BbTALKIN.

1x BbSpeaker
1x BbSpeaker Bag
1x Mircro USB cable
1x Stand mount
1x Double sided tape
1x Bag strap
1x External wire microphone
Bluetooth 4.0
use time 6h-8h
Charging 90min
Range 1km
Waterproof IPX5
BbRadio PTT – BbAdvance – Music speaker (All in one)

Kategori Kommunikation

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